Destinations for 2016

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort 2016

Silversea Cruise on Silver Explorer: Iceland-Greenland 2016

Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday 2016

The Sights & Faces from Ron's Bridge Holidays

Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday 2015

Another very successful bridge holiday at the favorite Norfolk Island. Meet the Team Winners here and the Pairs Winners here.

Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday 2015

Check out the sights from the Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday here. Click here to meet the winners.

Silverseas Cruise 2014 [Singapore to Hong Kong]

Ron feeding the fish at the Mia Resort in Nha Trang at the Embroidery Factory in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday 2014

The annual bridge holiday to Norfolk Island is one of the most anticipated bridge holidays. Meet the winners here

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort Bridge Holiday 2014

The Klingers annual bridge holiday to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort has been a success year after year. Meet the 2014 Tangalooma participants and winners here.

Kangaroo Island 2014 Bridge Holiday

The Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday has always been a favorite of the Bridge Holiday group. Meet the winners!
Even the rain didn't stop Ron & Suzie from going down to see the seals at Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island.

Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday 2013

Despite the rain, the Norfolk Island proved to be a success yet again as it is every year. Click here to view the photos from this holiday.

Silversea 11-day Cruise on Silver Shadow (Tokyo, Japan, to Shanghai, China) 2013

Visiting Hiroshima (Japan),Busan and Jeju (South Korea) and Beijing (China).

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort Bridge Holiday 2013

Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday 2013

Norfolk Island Bridge Holiday 2012

Kangaroo Island Bridge Holiday 2012

Norfolk Island 2011 Bridge Holiday

Silver Wind Cruise 2011 - Mediterranean

Tangalooma Bridge Holiday 2011

The Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort Bridge Holiday 2011 took place from 10 August - 17 August 2011. Meet the winners of the very successful Tangalooma Bridge Holiday 2011.

The Silversea Cruise on Silver Cloud 2011

Ron and Suzie had a fabulous time on the Silversea Silver Cloud Cruise that they will no doubt travel with the Silversea line again.

The Lord Howe Island Bridge Holiday 2011

Lord Howe Island Bridge Holiday 2011 which took place this May 2011 was such a success. Visit Ron's blog to see the photos taken of the fabulous group.