Your Bridge Queries Answered – Problem 189

Hi Ron,
I have a fairly new partner at my local club, with whom I am trying to resolve certain issues in our system and our understandings. Sometimes we have the odd issue that seems intractable in that one or other of us is going to be disappointed at the eventual outcome. This was exemplified this week when playing in a pairs tournament, with both  sides non-vulnerable, I opened the following hand 1.

  • spade A 7 6
  • heart 8 5 3
  • diamond A Q J 9 3
  • club 9 7

I realize it was a close call but, I expected other pairs would probably make a similar decision. When it was passed to partner he bid 1 and now I have to consider my rebid. Do I bid 2 or do I bid 2? I decided, on balance that 2 was the best continuation. My partner then raised to 3 and I passed that out.
It transpired that he only held 4 hearts and ten points. His hand was

  • spade J 10 8 5
  • heart K Q 7 2
  • diamond K 8 6
  • club J 4

We went two off undoubled which didn’t score well despite opponents having 3 clubs on - which they failed to find. My partner was not happy with my raise of his heart suit with only 3 cards (he was not unhappy with my opening bid btw). No amount of discussion about hearts score better, take more bidding space away from the opponents, you could have held more than 4 hearts, you could have held less support for my diamonds than you had will shake his conviction that I should only raise with 4 card support.
First of all I would value your opinion on this and should you agree with me, have you anything more I can use to convince him that we are going to regret, in the long run, restricting raises of responders major unless we have 4 card support? Of course I will take most seriously on board if you should agree with him.
How would you answer this query?




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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander