Daily Problem 3495 – Major Priority
08 Jul

What would you do as West?


07 Jul

With a 5-card minor and 4 spades there is little cause for a 1NT opening. Holding the boss suit means that you should not have much trouble describing your hand.

06 Jul

Playing teams and a 15-17 1NT opening, what would you open with each of these hands?

  • spade J 9
  • heart A J 8 4
  • diamond Q 7
  • club A K 10 6 4
05 Jul

What would you do as South?

04 Jul
03 Jul

What would you lead as West?


02 Jul

What would you do as West?


01 Jul

South is in 3NT on the Q lead, no East-West bidding. How would you plan the play?

30 Jun

With no opposition bidding, South is in 6 and West leads the 3: ace – five – six. Plan the play.

29 Jun

What would you do as North?


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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander