Daily Problem 4012 – A drenching in blood
07 Dec

What would you lead as West from:


06 Dec

West leads the Q. Plan the play.

05 Dec

With no East-West bidding, South has reached 6, Plan the play if West leads (a) The 5?  (b) The 3?

04 Dec

West leads the A, ruffed with the 7. Declarer plays the Q. Do you take this or duck? If you duck, declarer continues with the J. Plan your defence.

03 Dec

At favourable vulnerability your partner opens 1NT, next player passes. What is your plan of bidding wth:

  • spade
  • heart K Q
  • diamond 9 8 6 3
  • club Q 10 9 8 6 5 2


02 Dec

What would you do as East with:


01 Dec

You lead the 8: two – ten – six and East continues with the Q: nine – seven – ace. Declarer plays the J: six – five – queen. What would you play now as West?

30 Nov

What would you do as North with:



29 Nov

What would you do as South with:


29 Nov

What would you do as North with:


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I have only been doing the Daily Problem. It is excellent practice! I’ll send you more feedback as I get to explore more on the web site.

K. Hollander