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  • The Power System: Five Bids To Winning Bridge

    By: Ron Klinger

    For advanced players

    “When we have a loss, it is almost never a ‘system loss’. Can you say the same?” – Ron Klinger

    With just a few new concepts, Power can increase your bidding vocabulary a hundredfold. Power caters for more hands than standard methods and bids many hands more accurately.

    This book contains hundreds of example hands to illustrate Power methods. It also allows you to check how your present system would manage and quizzes your progress.

    “If the system gave us such good results, it can improve your game too, at whatever level you’re playing.” – Ron Klinger

    Soft cover, 384 pages

  • To Win At Bridge

    By: Ron Klinger

    For intermediate players

    The world of bridge has winners and also-rans, which would you rather be?

    Discover your weaknesses and improve on your strengths as you read through this examination of the traits you need to win when you play bridge. It goes over the personal attributes and psychological requirements you’ll need, as well as the standard of card play required.

    Let Australian Grand Master and World Bridge Federation International Master Ron Klinger help you to improve your game with his invaluable advice and tips.

    More than half the book is devoted to quizzes on bidding, opening leads, defensive play and declarer play. With most of the example hands taken from some of the highest levels of play, you’ll be able to use them to challenge yourself and learn from some of the best bridge players out there.

    Have you got what it takes?

    Soft cover, 128 pages